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Originally Posted by CaptainForce View Post
My friends, the Campbells, out of Jacksonville, sailed their Irwin Citation (I thought 37, maybe 38?) to Murmansk many years ago. I've thought that there's a cause to think that the term "blue Water" should be attributed to the Captain and crew as much as to the vessel. It's prudent choice and diligence of care that allows vessels to succeed as well as construction. I'm reminded of the many vessels that are retrieved in sound condition after the rescue of their crew. I'm slow to accept that variations in construction are the determining factors in cruising success. I'd be interested in the conspicuous results of numerical data that compares the man with the machine. I think the "machine" is carrying a little myth! 'take care and joy, Aythya crew
Yes of course the Captain and Crew are probably 2/3 of the "safety at sea " equation and this comment and discussion has been made countless times by countless posters here.
They always comment on the number of boats recovered without crew. Why does no one ever comment on the number of boats and crew that simply disappear or the number of crew picked up in life rafts?
Never forget that there are TWO components to safety and a boat that does not leak like a sieve, shake itself to death, loose it's rudder or rig or prevent access to the hull in holing situations is more likely to be able to stand up to the rigors of cruising, and be a comfortable and safe platform for the experienced captain and crew.
Oh and that experienced captain will insure that even those boats which are acknowledged as blue water vessels go to sea in ship shape condition as nothing lasts forever.
Some people cheer the inexperienced and unprepared on....some people say any boat can cross an ocean. Sometimes those people will be right. And those success stories will encourage others to lose their lives...needlessly.

C Force...this is NOT personal criticism just commenting on your remarks as they are like so many others..and my guess is that you and your boat are prepared for whatever adventure you choose.

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