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Marina boo boo?

My Catalina 309 is on its cradle in Michigan right now, because Catalina is sending it's fiberglass expert to do fix a bunch of gelcoat cracks in the deck. We're pretty pleased that Catalina'a taking care of this.

We also have a bunch of gelcoat cracks in the hull liner in the aft cabin. Catalina was going to fix this, too, until their expert discovered what caused those cracks. The boat's a 2007, and is sitting in its original steel cradle. When the marina hauled the boat last Fall and placed it on the cradle, instead of putting the weight of the boat on its keel (by shimming with boards), they put much of the weight of the boat on the pads.

The starboard rear pad is carrying enough weight that it has depressed that part of the hull...I would guess about .75 inches...maybe more. Enough that the hull pressed on the hull liner and caused gelcoat cracks in it. Is highly visible in the cabin. The fuel tank is now making contact with the hull and is pushed up against the stringers that support the aft berth. Squeezed tight.

The Catalina expert said when the pressure from the pad is relieved tomorrow, with luck that part of the hull will return to its proper shape. Otherwise he'll have to apply pressure from the inside and reinforce the inside with more glass to stabilize it, as well as do some glassing on the outside...I'm fuzzy on that aspect of it at this time...except that there is considerable crazing in the gelcoat at the pad area in addition to the liner crazing.

Not known at this time if there is other damage to interior structures like bulkhead, etc.

I'm going to photo document the situation and will be discussing it with the marina management tomorrow.

Could use a couple informed opinions here, as I anticipate the marina management will either:
a. claim full responsibility and make immediate and proper repairs.
b. give me the run around.

I want to be ready for b.

I see properly placing the boat on the cradle as being the marina's responsibility.

I see making the repairs or paying for them as being the marina's responsibility (I would hope that they'd use the Catalina expert, as he has a tremendous amount of experience. He used to run the production lines for many of the Morgan sailboats and now is semi-retired and does warranty glass for for Catalina.)
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