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Some artrhoscopic knee surgery and a troublesome recovery in May/June have kept me away from this site. Happy to see the new entries and participants.

We had a new 135% genoa cut this winter. It's like a new boat: faster, points higher, and a balanced helm. The old genoa was 167% and permanently stretched out of shape. With the draft pocket aft, she didn't point, was slow for the amount of wind, and the weather helm was pretty awful.

We had to make repairs to the keel this Spring. Cracks developed on both sides of the centerboard slot, going up from base of the panel that lines the slot at about 30 degrees from the vertical. Best explanation is that water found its way into (1) glass cloth that was not fully wetted, or (2) glass cloth that did not have all the bubbles rolled out of it, or (3) there wasn't a good bond between layers of cloth when the work stopped one day and then was resumed another. Each winter, the water trapped in the voids froze and "jacked" the crack open -- probably very little at first but then more as more water could get in and freeze. The faults were most likely made when the boat was manufactured. The space between the shell of the keel and the sides of the centerboard slot is only about 6.5 inches. I would be challenging to lay up glass cloth properly in such a confined space. The cracks have been repaired. Whether we were able to fill all the voids by injecting resin filler is unknowable. If water gets in and freezes, the cracks will develop again. Heated storage? Flat electric heating panels in the centerboard slot to keep the keel above freezing? Maybe it will take another 40 years for the cracks to re-develop!

Have looked carefully but we cannot see the registration/hull number on the aft, starboard quarter (below the deck). Has anybody found hull numbers embossed anywhere else on Creekmore 36s?

Does anybody have a rather large collection of lead pigs places against the hull under the bunks in the main cabin? Or did someone put these on board Georgia to correct hull trim and listing as the water tanks emptied and the holding tank (forward, to port, under the stateroom bunk) filled up?

Has anyone found a structural surface that is level (fore and aft, side to side) with respect to the hull?

Enough for now. More later.

Creekmore 36 (that measures closer to 37)
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