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Reality is, MOST boats over 40' should be capable of an ocean crossing, surviving a gale etc. katrina, or the fastnet, or sydney/hobart storm......that is another issue altogether.

Locally there is a Jeanneau SO49iP that went from Washington state, to Oz and back. BY the owner of a local brokerage firm, and he had options of Jeanneau, Tartan, C&C, Dehler, Nauticat among other brands they sell new! But he choose a Jeanneau, as he likes how they sail.

Some smaller boats like my older 85 Jeanneau, I would take offshore over some that are considered better boats. Thing like they have companian way doors all the way to the cockpit floor, vs mine stopping at the seat level. so less water in the cabin of those doors are open, and a wave broaches over the rear!

Another local has taken a 10 yr old Hunter 49 from Seattle to Mexico and back. And the west coast of washington and Oregon are not known for there friendlyness if a storm pops up!

Not all boat will have handholds where YOU want them. If you are some short person, say 5', and the handholds were designed for more ave ht people, they may not work for you, so you need to add more. Or if you are 7' tall vs a more ave 5.5-6' tall person, you may have some issues with the design of the interior handholds etc too.

For what you want to do, plan on some additions to what is there. Also, look at the type of winds you have at different times of the year. If light half the year, and heavy the other half, do you plan on the BIG wind half, or the light wind! Personaly, I would plan for both, but the light wind would be bigger issue than having 3 nstead of 2 reefs, a smaller jib or trysail etc is easy to add to any boat. But making a tayana move in 2-5 knots of wind is harder than a Jeanneau or Beneteau fin keel or equal! Heavy winds is easy for either boat.

And the syd/hobart race, from one book I read, there was one weather forcaster that had an inkling that things could turn nasty, but many told him to hush up, and not mention the 1-100 chance the storm that hit could happen! Someone knew, but now the forecasters have the ability from what I understand to say the worst case if a couple of things happen now. IF that forecaster had had the ability to say that a really bad low could happen, would there had been as many deaths, boat rescues etc? or would some of the folks dropped out? or at least watched and been a bit more leary of weather forecasts, and could have dropped out before going across bass straight, when things were going in the driection of the 1-100 storm option. One has to wonder.

Good luck


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