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Welcome to the club. In the last five years the entire world has quite literally become aware of celiac disease and there are large amonts of gluten-free food being made and exported from Italy, Israel, Canada and other nations.

The problem in world traveling will be translation. Literally. You try to explain to a cook that you can eat "corn flour" but not "wheat flour", and why "garbanzo bean flour" is perfectly safe--unless there was cross-contamination, try translating that. There are some translations of "gluten" handout cards available these days, and international awareness (a great of it thanks to the previous pope, who would not let a RC girl in NJ eat wheat-free communion wafers and created a blowup) but personally?
The only way I feel semi-safe is to simply and totally avoid the chance of gluten.
There are RICE noodles, commonly sold in oriental supermarkets the world over, which are safe. And gluten-free foods, pricey but available in major markets all over now. Best bet is still going to be like home: Don't eat anything "processed", don't eat out if the kitchen is likely to be very busy. Use the same care you would at home, and if someone asks "Would you like a..." Just smile and say yes, I really would, but I might burst into flames and explode if I ate one.
The humor usually slows them down enough to get their attention. And assistance.

There is actually some type of gene therapy that went into clinicl trials earlier this year, and slim hope that in five more years, we'll be able to take a pill (no doubt a $10 pill) and then simply EAT again.

Having learned slowy, repeatedly, and the HARD way that even chicken soup often has gluten added to it, I've become a bit like (shudder) Ted Nugent. If I didn't kill eat, grow it, or read the label on it--I won't eat it.

I'm told that the expression on my face is particularly mournful when the crew are all chowing down into fried fish & seafood, there's just nothing safe for me to eat in those places.
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