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Well, the percents are still only guesses, and they vary with the genepool (i.e. higher in Irish, Scandanavian, lower in African) so they're a bit hard to pin down. Then, until ten years ago, a diagnosis of celiac was almost impossible. The tests to confirm blood fractions didn't exist. The intestinal biopsies were still rare science that no one thought to perform or knew how to interpret. And most of the time, even 5 years ago, it just got called "irritable bowel syndrome" and if folks died in their 60's or 70's from intestinal was just written off as death from cancer. Rather than death from cancer caused by celiac disease.

"Syndrome", by the way, doesn't mean "disease". It literally means "there's a whole batch of complaints about this and that, but we really have no idea what the real problem causing all these pains is." Sometimes IBS means one or another specific disease, sometimes it just means "your guts aren't working right".

And it gets worse because now there are three "nervous systems" recognized in the human body. One of them is largely the digestive tract and the associated nerves running up to the brain, which control serotonin metabolism. Serotonin metabolism being a big big part of clinical depression, a major feedback system in the body, which is actually controlled by the digestive tract and another victim of celiac disease.

And then there are the many fine people (who are of great benefit to celiacs because they double or triple the size of the food market) who are simply nuts and claim they can't eat wheat or gluten because it is 'evil' somehow. OK, they're nuts, clinically certifiable, but they're also the reason why there are now maybe six gluten free "beers" on US market. Sometimes nuts is good, right? (G)

BTW, as an "expatriate" Guinness fan...if anyone asks how gf beer tastes, the answer is simply "Well, it is the best beer I have had in years." A left-handed compliment at best.

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