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Originally Posted by snider View Post
If you're looking to buy your first sailboat do yourself a favor, buy a dinghy or two, one for the wife wouldn't hurt, and learn to sail. If you must have something to sleep on, please nothing bigger than 20 feet.
Who cares? What's it to you?

Originally Posted by snider View Post
I just spent a hour on the phone trying to talk a guy out of buying my 27 footer as his first boat. For my sake I hope he didn't listen.
Why would you go and do a thing like that?

Sure, a lot of people think that there's a Right Way to learn how to sail. Start in dinghies, move up to bigger boats, learn your seamanship, climb the mast, tie a bowline with your teeth, blah blah blah, anything less and you'll be a danger to society and an inconvenience to the sailors that know better.

I dunno. People know themselves and they know their situations. If they think they'd be better off starting with a bigger boat, maybe they are. Either way, they'll learn. I've graduated from small boats to bigger boats, and I've never been ready for that bigger boat and its bigger problems/expenses/difficulties, etc. You just figure it out. Or you learn that you can't handle it after all and you bail. C'est la vie. Take up golf.

I say all of this not to be contrarian or to start trouble, but I've met people that get so caught up in doing things the way that's advocated by people on SailNet, or in their sailing magazine, or in their books, that they don't enjoy it and they give up. Sometimes, they don't even understand WHY the recommendation was given, but they know they should follow it. That's not good!

Some of my guests have learned to sail on my boat and they're looking at becoming sailors themselves. They're thinking about buying boats, but there's in no way in hell they'd consider sailing a dinghy. Is that wrong? I wouldn't say so.

My .02.
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