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7 amps is a small load for a T-105 bank of two 6V golf carts in series.

When the batteries are really "fully charged", you will see a float voltage for a short time...above 12.7VDC.

Thereafter, for quite a while, you should be seeing 12.6VDC. How long? Depends on several factors, some cited above.

If the batteries are in very good condition, have recently been exercised a few times, and have been fully charged at 14.4VDC, you'll see 12.6VDC for awhile. You may see 12.5VDC sooner than you'd think, but it will hang in there for a long time if only 7 amps is applied as a load.

There's no way to know the true capacity of your battery bank unless you do a constant load test, in this case applying about an 11 amp load for 20 hours, or until the bank reaches 10.5VDC.

By the way, voltages should be measured at the battery terminals with a calibrated digital voltmeter. You can't rely on other readouts, unless they are known to be accurate.

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