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Not necessarily in order.....
...whether in a bar, restaurant, or anywhere else I'll take the women's room over the men's for cleanliness maintained any time. In the same vein, most women, having once experienced drinking enough to induce sickness, avoid doing so ever again. (note that I said, "induce sickness", which is not the same as saying, "induce obnoxiousness".) Only a man will go into the same bar three nights in a row, upchuck in the head each time, and be surprised that the bartender won't serve him on the fourth visit.

as to the thoroughly stupid question that started this thread.....we should bear in mind that the Op was, and may still be, under the influence of some serious pain medication at the moment of posting. The answer to the question can be divined, but to what purpose? One might as profitably spend one's time contemplating why the same woman would choose to inhabit the same bed as a man. Most men are repulsed by the idea of homosexuality, not the least because while we find nothing sexy about the male body, we are also far to familiar with the way that most of us men operate and care for that selfsame body. That women manage to find it desirable on occasion should be more than enough inducement to overlook what might be otherwise regarded as aberrant behavior. Yes, it is nice from a scientific viewpoint to know the answers to everything. But one may notice the sparsity of even the most highly trained scientists who've an interest in investigating the female's simultaneous use of the air-conditioner and the down comforter. As in many other areas of life, "it is, what it is" seems sufficiently descriptive.

“Scientists are people who build the Brooklyn Bridge and then buy it.”
Wm. F. Buckley, Jr.
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