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How long does a 15 gallon holding tank take to fill up? Anyone have any experience with treatment systems? Are they a real bear to integrate? Are they really sanitary/environmentally sound?

about a week or so if living aboard and you are carefull, but most marinas have bathrooms

Any suggestions for vaccum cleaners? I was thinking a mini-wet/dry shopvac. With our dog, it's a necessity.

thats what i have on board

Speaking of heating - I've read that most people use propane, electricity, and diesel heaters. No love for the old fashioned wood stove? Does this have more to do with fuel storage than anything else?

yup storage is a lot of it, ashes are more

Sailing to DC - the boat I'm hoping to buy is in Florida, and I'll have to sail it there. I won't purchase it unless it's up to snuff, but it was surveyed a year ago and since, well maintained. How can I find bridge clearances for the Chesapeake and Potomac?

NOAA it works just like google earth

Speaking of the boat I'd like to buy, anyone ever lived aboard a Kettenburg 40'? Anyone in the Tampa Bay area feel like having a look over it with me when I fly out? Know of any good third-party surveyors that I can trust? If anyone wants to sail to DC with me, I'm open to the suggestion, and could sure use the company!

if this is next month or so i will come along but be ready to hid from a storm

Home-entertainment systems - I'm lucky to have an HD projector and awesome surround sound here in my apartment, I know those will have to go. ...but has anyone set up a flat-panel HDTV and small surround speakers? Any suggestions about what's better in the confined spaces of a boat?

sorry its time to sell the projector and surround sound. the mount a lcd and use computer speakers for more sound

Computers - should I stick with my laptop only? Or try to integrate a desktop in somewhere, using the TV as a monitor? Should I chuck my Playstation3 in favor of a blu-ray drive for the computer?

yup laptops are nice because of the low draw, when you get the tv make sure it takes a computer input to use the laptop as your dvd player. then get a large usb extrenal drive for storage incase the lap top dies and to store movies. some do build purpose built computers using 12 volt car power supplies, i guess with a wire less mouse and keyboard and a mini tower it would work. here is the nice point, i make a pretty good boat sparky, with refences

Mooring in DC - Eventually we'd like a slip, but we're willing to live "on the hook" for awhile until we sort that out... I read here that you can moor for free or very cheap for up to two weeks at a time off the gangplank marina; does that mean we'll need to find another place to stay for one or two nights a week? Where else could we moor in or around DC?

dont forget annapolis and area, better parking and only an hour in traffic away

Toolkit - I'm going to need to pair down my set of tools. What do you think are the essentials I'll need to bring? (preliminary list: Sander, drill, circular saw, reciprocating saw, jigsaw, worklight, wrenches, drivers, planer, torque-wrench, hammer, ball-pein hammer, rubber mallet, steel drift, wood chisel)

you need 3 tool kits
a mechanical one with wrenches and stuff
a wood kit, ie chisels and stuff
then the big kit with the stuff you dont need unless its a big job, this stays in storage

Dinghy's - is sail/row ok? Or is something with a motor really that crucial?

in annapolis get a slip, dinghy is not really needed, but get a motor if you will be going more than a mile a day

Winter - Ice. Freezing river. What, if any, mods do I need to do to my boat to account for this?

it does not get too bad down here normally, and most marinas put out deicers

Firearm safety and storage aboard - where are the best places to keep the ship's armory?

well then stay away from DC as you will go to jail in DC if they even find ammo on you, in your boat or in your car. i suggest you pair the collection down if its over 3 guns, or get a safe and bolt it in families house some where. virgina has shall issue CCW, maryland no way and DC i said it already

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