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Thanks, I suspected as much. What I'm hoping is that I'll end up only having to do maybe 50' and my load may be much lower maybe 200 lbs.

It will be easy to find out but it looks like I'll have to buy real battery.

Does sears have the appropiate charger? What would work well with this battery?
The weight is a problem to haul to the beach and back.

If the Sears battery is the same as the Odesey it must be AGM? How did you figure that out, the Sears website give very little info that I could find?
I only need one maybe two hauls between charges.
I thought AGM's could handle faster discharge rates or is that only faster charge rate?

From Sears site:
The PM-1 Platinum Marine Battery from DieHard features 205 minutes of reserve capacity and 1150 cold cranking amps. Provides power for RVs, trolling motors, marine accessories and starting needs. The combination stud/post terminal design allows for multiple connections. Its corrosion-resistant high quality tin-coated brass terminals provide reliable starting power in all weather conditions. Its rugged, military-grade construction features robust casing for increased compression and offers superior vibration resistance.

Does this mean 205 minutes to dead at 25 amps.
100 minutes to half charge at 25 amps
40 minutes at 62 amps
40 / 7 minutes per haul is about 6 hauls

Is that the calculation

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