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VHF antenna question

I noticed that my masthead VHF antenna is not getting any responses from radio check requests. I have a splitter which feeds the VHF and my FM radio.

The FM seems to work, but sensitivity is not what I would expect. Same for the VHF receiver. I can pull in a number of channels, but transmitting doesn't seem to get me anywhere. [I realize I could have a burnt-out transmitter, but I am trying to eliminate things one at a time.]

I disconnect the antenna cable at the base of the mast in the main cabin, and the FM reception seems to improve, while it is connected only to the cable running behind the cabin settees to the mast. I am surprised that co-ax cable can act as an antenna

I measured the DC resistance of the cable leading to the mast and it is quite low -- a few ohms.

Does anyone know what the resistance of the cable/VHF antenna should be? I think there is a balun coil at the base of the VHF whip, but I have no idea what the circuit looks like.

If this is normal behavior, I will be able to avoid a useless trip up the mast.

thanks ..
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