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Originally Posted by jarcher View Post
Are these comments generally for any racing sails like the Ullman and UK Halsey as well, or is the frailness specific to 3DL?
Thanks everyone!
that's a better question. Do a search on SA for Carbon vs Kevlar and it then gets more interesting. I chose to go with technora, as the fibers don't break down as easily as C or K when being bent, therefore extending the life of the sail. At least that's what they sold me on, we'll see what it looks like in a year or 2. If you take care of 3DLs then you can get roughly 2 years of competative racing out of them. Anything more, and you'll notice you don't point as high, heel a little more, etc, however you'll still have great sails, they just might not get you that extra 0.1 of a knot out of em. 4 years you'll start to get some delam, and 5+ years they may even blow out (not the shape, but the material itself).

Also, you haven't mentioned you're price range? Retail on a technora 155 from Quantum was over $2300 for my 25 footer. But times are tough, and you can talk them into a discount pretty easily right now. Even more so in sept. oct.
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