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Best Hull type?

pjfsail Do you have a problem with your caplock?This appears to be a dominate theme in your writing.When someone asks for advice on this board,I respond to the question the way I want,not the way you want.If you have advice on a subject than give it.If you have a problem with something I have said here quote it and then respond. Pjfsail"Of course,you will need to learn how to sail,learn about weather,learn how to read charts,learn how to navigate..." Where in his original post did he state he did not know how to do any of this,or you are just good at learning how to read minds.He might of even taught navigation.You assume this because he was nervous about going into deep waters.You know nothing of his background and feel that he needs to do this and that.The question pertained to a stable "idiot" proof hull of which you are very qualified to answer.The poster was concerned in sailing in deep water.Dman"You would be silly to sail in shallow waters"Now apparently that makes me a naysayer in your mind,would I be correct to state he should be sailing in shallow waters?We are talking about depth of water and not how many miles you are offshore.Pjfsail "KEEP THE DREAM ALIVE" Whose dream is this anyway,it must be yours ,he never had any dreams that he spoke of.If this post seems harsh it is meant to be.People that want to pile on (especially ignorant ones) will be delt with in the same manner.I have no problem being corrected if something I have said is incorrect but there have been a few pilot fish hanging off my every word.
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