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Gas Vs. Deisel (are we crazy?)

Diesel all the way for me too.The older I get the more chicken I get.Sure a diesel will burn you out,but it will not set your boat off like a bomb,that is the real difference.A fire is not nice,but an explosion is definitely the clincher.I have been burned bad in a gas fire/explosion before.Thankfully it was not on a boat or I would probably of been finnished. Just the horror of a gas fire sways my opinion,anything burning is not good but gas is bad and untill you have actually experienced it there are few words that can describe the speed of which things get out of control.Where diesel engines shine when economy is the issue is when they have a light load applied.A big rig can sit overnight idling using next to nothing for fuel but a gas motor just chews it up.I have owned heavy equipment for years and like everything else some motors are now running with electronic timed /fuel injection.Just wait and it will be in all the boat engines as well.Talk about screwing around with something untill you make it more complicated and less reliable IMO.This conversation reminds me about heating your home with oil or natural gas.Sure you can get a leak with oil and have a problem,but natural gas for me if I have the choice NO WAY.
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