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Originally Posted by St Anna View Post
Hiya Sailmachine,
Great decision to go cruising. A few questions for you. How seasick do you get. Many people feel sick for just a few days and then magically, they feel OK. Others are like death warmed up. Where do you fit in?

If someone could feel a bit off, I give them a job to do - like steering or 'on watch'. Having some responsibility often means they havent got time to be sick. This would be you if you are the skipper - plenty of responsibility = no time to be sick.

Also if you know you are prone to seasickness, why sell the house - you may need a place to go back to??

Anyway, just my 2cents worth.
Good Advise...

I have also found that when people first start getting sea sick do much better when becoming actively involved in the boat such as at the helm. It seems to me that the hand / eye/ ear work better with each other when at the wheel. You get feedback and I think that helps your systems counter the initial ear problems that result in sickness. If an anchor take a dip and cool the body off, don't get too physical swimming just float a bit.

I do not care for drugs except for short term use in hard cases. The First Day and Night Out are OK to have newer or unsure people on some form of sea sickness prevention medication. However most will have side effects such as being sleepy and not as alert. Always be a LERT! Dry mouth is another problem common with many medications.

Ginger in many forms appears to work well. I particularly like Ginger Beer nice and cold. Much better than Ginger ale or cookies. I know many who take Ginger tablets but they seem to take too long to work effectively.

It is almost impossible to help sea sickness once it passes a certain point.... best to put on a harness and barf over the sides until your tummy is empty rinse mouth & have a cracker and do not drink or eat for a few hours.

If I'm having to so something below with the engines while underway in rough seas I start getting a bit weesey particularly when it is hot. Getting back up to where wind can cool me and taking a moment allows it to pass quickly for me.

If your on a Catamaran and get sick... well just die... you deserve it!

I prefer a sailboat to a motorboat, and it is my belief that boat sailing is a finer, more difficult, and sturdier art than running a motor.... Jack London
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