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Marine Grade Plywood?

I`m not looking to start an argument Vastbinder but take it from me I`ve been there.There is a great difference in negativity and reality.I will give you an example of one such project.I bought a hull and a bunch of gear for 75k,I had 300K worth the rceipts.I thought I was doing alright on that deal and then spent another 40k on this and that.The boat was no where near finnished when my finaces started to become taxed.I then sold the boat for approx. 60K to try and wash my hands from the whole mess.Being a journeyman machinist and owning a machineshop,as well as having a steel yacht,I will guarantee you that there is nothing I can`t build or weld out of metal.This is where the problems arise(ignorance to the lack of general knowledge of marine expenses) I know this project you are taking on is far less than this but the same rules apply.I never say "i can`t" do most things but I can`t afford to waste anymore more money messing with boats.We have come full circle on this thread where you are now going back to construction grade plywood,so what have you learned?Do you want to put a boat together with your name on it,and be poorly constructed?There is nothing worse no matter what it is having your name come up in a conversation saying what you have or had built is trash.For certain things it is better to not have tried,than to have tried and failed.I might have a reason for the negativity(thousands of dollars down the drain) and that money could of been much better spent on family.It is one thing to spend your time doing something you like but going broke doing it is quite another and then to have your creation considered worthless by the boat buying public should you choose to sell it.BTW look through ebay with reguards to homebuilt boats,it`s a firesale.It`s been a long time since my boating disaster and my figures are probably off somewhat on my boat`s prices however it`s close enough for someone to shake their head.
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