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Marine Grade Plywood?


No argument and no hard feeling on my end. I really DO appreciate the advice you and others have given me.

Sorry to hear about the troubles you had with boat building.

I can''t begin to get into that kind of trouble as I don''t begin to have that kind of money. I will be left with buying the best grade of plywood I can find in my price range. Is it the best idea... likely not, but it''s what I can work with.

Regards the boat... it''ll be almost a replica of a time honored and extensively used design, so it''ll sail... maybe not the best, but it''ll sail. If it doesn''t last more than a season... it wouldn''t be that big an expense or bother for me to strip the entire hull off and put on a new one.

If all else fails, I''ll stick pontoons under it and float away just like that on the SS Junk-Heap! ;-) (and don''t think I wouldn''t do it either!)

I''m doing this for fun and hopefully to get to do some fairly minor sailing. So, for me, it doesn''t have to be perfect or last forever.

Once again, and I stress... I DO appreciate AND listen to the advice you guys give. I just don''t have the finances to apply all of it, so I plan to do the best I can with what''s available.

Good Luck! and really, no argument here... no hard feelings...

I''ll try to share pictures if it''s possible next year. This year there''s the "slap-together" dinghy currently in progress. (the dinghy is half for fun and half to test the materials and construction techniques)

Lastly... on an unrelated note: dman, isn''t mild steel just the most wonderful stuff (other than rusting)? I mean, with some judicious hammering, welding, and rivetting, you can get it to do just darn near anything you want! (I''ve been an armourer for about 20 years now)

Happy Days and Good Sailing!
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