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Pumping out a flat bilge

It''s hard to imagine that your boat doesn''t, as you claim, have a "bilge" even if it''s a 22 footer with a daggerboard. My 25 ft. CB boat certainly has a "sole" that you walk on, and I suspect yours probably does too, i.e. you''re not walking directly on the hull when you''re walking about in the cabin. Thus, there''s likely some minimal gap between the sole and the actual hull that constitutes a "bilge".

So if you do actually have a bilge, you just need to access it with an intake hose with a strainer on the end connected to the vacuum bilge pump recommended in pascoe''s article. Try to figure the lowest point in the bilge (probably next to the Daggerboard trunk if the hull slopes downward towards the daggerboard) and mount the strainer there. Then you just need to remember to switch the pump on every time you visit the boat. You might need to put a limber hole in the sole to allow water that gets onto the cabin floor to get down into the bilge.

If you really don''t have a bilge (i.e. if your cabin sole is the hull) then I guess you would have to have a discretely mounted strainer near the low point in the floor attached to the manually switched vacuum pump, and use a sponge to get the last few cups of water if you want to be really fastidious. Or you can build up the hull with filler/fiberglass and leave a "well" near the existing low point to make your very own bilge well for a submersible pump. Lotta trouble for a fairly minor problem, though, plus it''s going to take away a couple of inches of headroom, which you probably already don''t have a lot of.

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