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Why cann't we kill this engine.

We certainly have been trying.
Catalina 30 with original 3 cycl universal.

Started it up, check that it was pumping water out the back.
Headed for the harbor. About 5 minutes later I'm at the entrance #2 and I notice the engine is running hot and the water has stopped pumping.

No problem I just turn off the engine and sail away. I'm thinking that last year the owner had the same problem only on the way in the harbor and a loud noise happened for a few seconds before the engine stopped.
Next day started up and it was fine.

Maybe something like that was happening to me.

After a days sail I come back in, start the engine, no water. Turn it off and call for tow.
Put everything away, I'm in the truck driving away then I remember. I don't think I shut off the raw water valve. O crap, I don't remember turning it on.
Drive back and it was closed the whole time.
Several questions. How could I possibly forget something that important that I've done a hundred times?
If I forgot, why didn't I remember during the sail or tow wait.

Had the mechanic check the raw water pump and the veins looked fine.
I thought you would tear them up in seconds.
I probably ran it dry for a minute.
It must run for a while with the water in the muffler.

So what is wrong with this engine that it starts every time easily seems to be doing white smoke less and less despite our best efforts to kill it.

Between the two of us we seem bound to kill it with stupidity.

I should move this to the dumb move thread. And I was doing so well all year!!
I lamanted my departure list and will check it every time. Too much to remember.

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