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To this Colonial there is nothing amazing about it. Sending a 13-year old alone and unsupervised around the world, presumably for a year on her own? Would qualify the family for legal intervention in the US as well. AFAIK most or all US "child welfare" agencies, in all states, would call the abandonment and lack of supervision and they'd seize the child, make her a ward of the state, and bring charges against the parents.

Whether that's right or wrong...that's what many modern protectionist (ahem, Socialist) states do, and have done for some long time now. Nothing amazing here, or there.

Since she is a minor, there's also a question of how she would enter various nations in transit--again, alone and unsupervised. Some may not allow a minor unaccompanied. Others will have a problem that she cannot make any legal contract, so who carries her insurance liability for marina? And so on.

It has been a long time since "child kings" were sitting on the throne of most nations, and these days a 13-year old is only an adult in places like the African bush.

Of course, if the parents are serious, they'll understand why they are wrong under Dutch (and many other) laws, emigrate quickly to someplace where their actions are legal and acceptable, and abandon their child from there. It's a quick and simple solution, isn't it?
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