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Originally Posted by docrn View Post
So who's packing what?
None of your business! Or, come on board uninvited and find out.

Now for the unsolicited editorial... so, here I am reading this thread and listening to Johnny Cash sing "I shot a man in Reno just to watch him die". That story was being told from prison by the way. On CNN are hysterical responses to an inconsiderate who insists on excersing his Second Ammendment rights during a Presidential Town Hall meeting. Not what I would consider a wise move, however at least he had the foresight and "intelligence" to advise the appropriate authorities of his intentions. I'm sure he could have cared less about what the fearful of everything were panicking about - not to mention what those from other "peaceful" lands might have been gasping and recursing about. So, here is my response to those of you who have never set foot on a piece of Urban American concrete, and also to those here in The States who hide in their own sanctuary -

We recently hosted two couples, at different times, from Spain who were touring the Cowboy Capital of the World - Bandera, Texas. If you do not assume everyone here is carrying, you will sooner or later have an epiphany regarding this. Do note residential property crime is essentially non-existent here. Texas law allows one to chase anyone holding your stuff across the entire state only to shoot them in the back to retrieve your belongings. Now that's what I call excersing your rights. The cops can't do it. One less bad guy too. Both couples, one mid-twenties and one fortyish, were from Madrid (very large city), and both very progressive and both having somewhat different views. The older couple had no problems with American gun laws. The younger couple was quite taken aback when we advised them we have firearms in the house. I think they wanted to leave, but soon came to their senses realizing we were not going to shoot them and take their stuff. During some discussion regarding the gun thing, this couple was totally floored to find out that carjackings take place - IN THE STATES! - EVERY DAY! We had trouble not laughing as I tried to explain there are carjackings in San Antonio alone most every day. Probably at least fifty per day in the States. As they were retrieving their lips from the floor, we could see the beginnings of that epiphany. The older couple were obviously better informed, and more comfortable in their knowledge, than the younger Utopian Peaceniks. Don't get me wrong. I want world peace too. And I will work for it. But get a grip! Melting down my heaters will not make it happen, and it ain't gonna happen in my lifetime. And yes, I do feel "Imagine" was one of the greatest songs ever written. Or "Tick-Tock", and "Chapel of Love" DOH! Sorry!

We are afraid of what we don't understand. And some hide and lash out in response that. If I am afraid of something, I set out to find why and correct it - if possible. If you are one of the former, I suggest you get a grip, read up on some real-world stuff, educate and prepare yourself accordingly for what can really happen, and be confident that you are prepared to confront what might really come your way one day when you least expect it. Perhaps then you won't be so quick to judge others for their diligent preparation. From what I hear, no one is ever prepared to kill another. And, short of human annihalation, bad guys and guns are not going away. So what do we do? I am not afraid, I am prepared... as best I can be. Too bad for the other guy. If he were educated as I was, he never would have brought that knife to a pistol fight (cr. Chris Knight) or even considered encroaching his ways on my life. ...same for the Peaceniks.

Nuff said I guess. Thanks for allowing me to "step in it".
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