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When she gets to that 'nesting stage' (and she will, a boat is more fun than a doll house ; -) encourage her. Do not quibble about how her cool stuff isn't what you had in mind. Don't tell her how impractical half her ideas are, she will figure it out. That's half the fun!

And I affirm that paying attention to her punch list of comforts is critical. While I never claim to be low maintenance, I figger I am one of the hardier women around. I don't cavil at doing the *yucky* stuff. But wanting a shower was my big issue. And Himself kept pointing out how impractical it would be and how little we would actually use it and how much bother it would be to use when we did. Until he figured out it isn't so much TAKING the showers... it's wanting to know that after I do the *yucky* stuff I CAN if I want to... and he has put a shower, highly impractical and unnecessary, into the plan. Likewise a real head, not a portapottie, and it means a lot to me!

SO glad to hear she is getting interested... and it sounds like you are doing all the right stuff already and she is just coming to it in her own time. Have a wonderful time making it wonderful for your whole family!


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