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Originally Posted by JomsViking View Post
High and dry is the key here. It was towed in the capsized position, and did not right until the tide went out from what I've read. But I agree that it seems like a stupid skipper.
That's why I was saying that it was probably a good boat for lake/limited coastal. do think though, that it is a problem that the ballast does NOT automatically fill, as you're stating above that the boat is inherently unsafe without the water ballast (if not, the skipper would not be stupid)

My boat? In a knockdown at a 90 degree angle, it would float infinitely, as I do not get water intrusion at that point - further over I don't know, but the point is that it wont stay there.
Again I was NOT trying to bash MacGregors, but they are being marketed and sold here as a sea-going boat, which scares me.
AND - as I've said before - You can get a used IF for one fifth (or even less) of a MacGregor, and that would be safer and - to me - a better choice.
As for airing an elitist attitude, why oh why do you MacGregor owners use that against everyone stating their thinking? I've listened to tons of negative stuff about people with a rag and a stick, as well as being told that it is idiotic to sail an IOR design, and that I have a death wish because I singlehand - but I don't call the people I disagree with "elitist".I really hope that we can be friends, and agree to disagree on this topic?

OK Joms ...

I generally try to stay out of the MacGregor wars that seem to appear on this board more than anywhere else. Your initial post, along with your self-ascribed label of "elitist" sucked me in.

Mac owners are often the target of scorn from people that know very little about the design, have never owned one or spent any time on one. I respect everybody that offers an informed opinion. I'm sick `n tired of Mac bashers that really don't know what they are talking about.

For what its worth: The Mac 26X & 26M models are hybrid powersailors. They are designed to fill a niche market and sell quite well. They are both an OK sailboats and an OK powerboat. Most owners like to keep the ballast empty while the boat is being used as a powerboat and the water ballast is supposed to be full while sailing. The designer/builder states that the ballast must be filled when under sail.

I live in central Wisconsin and have immediate access to scores of inland lakes that are fun to sail on. I have ready access to Lake Michigan and find I spend more time on the big lake than anywhere else lately. The Mac 26M was an ideal boat for my family when we bought it and has been for a number of years. I also sail solo more often than with crew aboard. (I'm retired and my wife `n sailing buddies are not.)

I also sail on a Catalina 30 and race on a Pearson Flyer. I know what my Mac lacks as a sailboat but I also know how to get the most out of her.

Hey, I would be happy to agree to disagree on this topic. Just try to know what is being talked about when you arrive at the discussion.

As a footnote to the original knockdown story ... it was also reported that the owner was planning on selling the boat and had already cancelled the insurance coverage. So was this an incident where a poor boat design was the primary factor in being knocked down or was this a really unlucky (stupid) guy that just happened to be on a boat when he auditioned for the Darwin awards.

Later friend ... My wife wants to start cruising the Great Lakes and says we need a bigger boat, one that doesn't heel as much and has a hot water shower. You know, one of those "real" sailboats that has a full kitchen in it and a grill on the back rail.

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