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Hi Everyone,

I've been lurking for a while and enjoyed many of the stories in this thread so I thought I would share some of my own. This is my first post.

I sail a Precision 15K, a small boat with a fixed keel that draws about 18". It's trailerable and most of my boneheaded moves center around the trailering aspect. For example:

Once I was launching from the town ramp in Duxbury, MA. Beautiful bay there, great sailing. Anyway the tide was on its way in but still fairly low so I had to back pretty far out to the portion of the ramp where the pitch is not as steep. I got as far in as I could without getting the car too wet (there were bubbles coming out the exhaust pipe) and still the bunks on the trailer were not completely submerged but I figured that I could just give it a little shove and it would float off. I unhooked the trailer winch and the safety chain and began pushing on the bow. It didn't budge so I pushed harder and still no go. A couple of local guys (did I mention I was visiting?) saw me struggling and offered to help. Well the three of us pushed and rocked the boat and just couldn't manage to get her to float. After a couple of minutes of this I noticed that I had forgotten to undo the tie-downs to the trailer. I pulled forward, untied those lines and backed up to the same spot, then I gave one easy shove and she floated off sweet as you please. The guys were nice about it. They clapped me on the back and said "Don't feel too bad, I've done stuff like that before." I was pretty embarrassed though.

Another time I looked up into the trees at home and saw that there was a nice breeze so I decided to go sailing. I hitched up the trailer and loaded on the mast, boom, sail bag, outboard, tool kit, pfds, cooler full of ice and drinks, wife and dog and headed out on the 1 hour plus drive to the lake. Once there I got the mast up, sails bent on, outboard mounted, dog walked and I did one last check to make sure I was ready to launch. It was at this point that I realized that I had left the rudder in my garage. I de-rigged the boat, drove it home, went straight to my room and cried into my pillow.

Well that's it for now. I'm sure that more will come to me.


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