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Which ones to talk about?

I have two that deal with Nonsuch 30 masts alone.

1. Coming out of the Welland Canal in Lake Erie many years ago, we have a freighter coming out of the lock after us (they did that back then) and a laker waiting to go in the lock and I have the chart book open on the seat next to me and there should be a green spar buoy here somewhere close that we go around and then turn into the marina and ... BONG hit it head on - it was hiding right behind the rather wide mast of the Nonsuch. We hit it with our very substantial anchor platform and it came up right beside the cockpit but our quarter wave stopped it from hitting us again (or us hitting it to be more accurate), no damage at all but really got my attention.

2. Went through the Erie Canal and arrived at the Castleton Boat Club to put the mast up. (Beyond the theme of Nonsuch masts, there is an additional one - if I stayed on Lake Ontario none of these things would happen.) In the canal we had stood the wishbone leaning against the mast so that it would not take up too much space (enough to worry about with a 50' mast on the deck of a 30' boat) and 30 locks to go through. Mast went up fine and then it was time to hoist the wishbone into position - it really couldn't be upside down could it? Spent a few minutes trying to figure out if it was possible to use it upside down (switch a few things around) but it was not to be. Lift the mast and flip the wishbone. At least there was no one around to ask us what we were doing.

A corollary to this - after getting rigged we took one of the club moorings across the river for the evening (the guest docks were full). Decided to go up the mast to fix something (can't remember what). While I was there two 35' (or so) power boats went roaring by - I saw them coming and had my arms and legs wrapped around the mast (no stays to hold onto or hold the masthead more or less in one place). At one point I was sure that I was going to be launched into the next county the 5" diameter top of the mast was whipping around so much.

After the refit we have decided to sell Ainia. We want something smaller that would be could for the light summer winds of Lake Ontario, although we plan to spend at least a couple of winters in the Caribbean before heading north.
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