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Originally Posted by MiniTransat View Post
*BURP* excuse my rum... wow you guys still on this thread? I posted this thread 20 hours ago... get a life people! If your posting a post of me about replying to an old post, you are adding to the clutter. obviously when I did a search on Macgregors that was the last posts about Macs... Last time I checked, the internet is comparable to an ocean, there is a vast space out there, sorry for causing you to change your course... hmmm maybe we all had a little to much rum tonight. Happy sailings =)
Heh-heh. It's YOUR DAMN FAULT MINI! You drunken MacSailor!

Now - US...
Originally Posted by US27inKS View Post
Fine with me. I was just trying to save him from getting a nasty slap from someone who may be much less understanding whether it's on this board or elsewhere.
That's the point. Those who are "much less understanding" are much more wrong. This whole old-thread notion is ludicrous.

If this really is the reasoning behind it...

Originally Posted by US27inKS View Post
If someone doesn't point it out to the new poster, odds are that he will continue to dredge up 5 year old threads, and clog the board with old news.
...are you serious? Are we really running the danger of clogging this board with "old news"?

Look a forum is a conversation - not a news bulletin board. That being the case, anyone should feel free to talk about anything they want to talk about regarding sailing. There should be as few rules as possible. And the mods here do a great job of creating that environment.

I think that's precisely what makes Sailnet much more fun than SA or CF. It's got the edgy, fun irreverence of SA without the continual profanity and newb slamming, and it's got a tremendous wealth of salts and experience without the stodginess of CF. It's a perfect mix...IF people don't start trying to enforce goofy-ass etiquette that makes no sense.

The thing the "rulesters" always seemed to forget is that, as mini said, most people find their way into threads from a Google search. Now think about that for a minute. This means that the "offender" is actually SEARCHING for information on the subject. THEY'RE DOING THEIR RESEARCH! And that research leads them here.

At that point, for anyone here to expect them to know (or care) about some old-thread rule is ridiculous. And for people here to slap them on the hand over it is about as uncool as it gets.

If you're really trying to save the newb from being slapped for some goofy "rule infraction" - slap the slappers, not the newb.

ON THE OTHER HAND...your point about the painting has some validity (not as much because if the person is giving good advice it's a learning opportunity for those of us that might come across the thread via Google). But take crewing or a boat sale for instance where the OP is 7 years old and the poster is responding, hoping to hear something back from the OP. You have a case there. But it doesn't require a hand slap. Look at JohnP's posts for the right way to do it.

At the end of the day, either choose to join in the conversation with newbs or move on. It's really not that hard. When newbs feel welcome - they'll join. When they don't - they won't. And I'm pretty sure a growing forum is always a good forum.

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