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Originally Posted by jrd22 View Post
As others have mentioned I don't think the formula holds true in the real world. Our 62hp Volvo (non turbo) has averaged 1.0 gph consistently over the years (1988 model). At 6.5 knots this equates to - ta dah! -6.5 mpg. A guy in our marina just had a new 32' aluminum catamaran power boat built, he burns app. 25 gph (two 370hp Volvo diesels, turbo charged+intercooled+electronic) and cruises at 30 knots so he is getting 1.2 mpg (and spending $75/hour),ouch!
Thats great to hear John...Im counting on mine being no more then 1.5 and I will be estacic if it is as low as yours.....PS: Thats better then my Dump truck gets..I get about 4.5 MPG....but thats 444 hp...ya baby!!

Dully noted Selkirk...I suppose you are right about that..I never run my Heavy Equipment more then 75% throttle and most of the time less then that...per the calculations my Dump Truck would only get 2.5 mpg

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