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I installed my Link 20 about a year ago so my recollection is a little sketchy but I have the manual on my boat and if what I tell you now doesn't help and you need more assistance I will bring the manual home and walk through it with you. For now . . .

The Link20 has a double shunt. That's the thing that the negative cables from your bank connect to. Nothing else should connect to these shunts and nothing else should connect to the negative poles on the batteries. Only one cable from each bank.

Each shunt monitors a different battery bank. So onto one end of the shunt goes the negative cable from your battery, onto the other end of the shunt is the cable that goes to the circuits that the bank will supply.

For example, on my boat, I have the negative on bank one going to the shunt then from the other end of the shunt to a ground bus and everything that is served by the house bank is earthed to this bus. On the other shunt the cable goes to the ground on my engine and this forms the earth circuit for the starter bank.

The positive cables from each bank go to the circuits that each bank serves.

So again, on my boat, the house bank positive goes to the main distribution panel (via a 1-ALL-2 switch) and from there it is split to all domestic appliances. The negatives from the appliances go back to the ground bus referred to above.

The positive cable from the starter bank goes directly to the starter motor connection. From here all the engine circuits are fed (alt, instruments, etc.)

OK, here is where it gets hazy and if I need to continue I will need my manual. If there are others that can continue and describe the small wires then so be it. If not I will check back on the thread in a day or three once I have been to my boat.

I can say that off each side of the shunt there is a "twisted pair" that is the data connection to the monitoring panel. If you don't have twisted-together wires then there is a problem.

The other thing that is perhaps important to note is that it is not dangerous or dodgy to connect earth wires directly to the negative battery pole. The only thing that makes this undesirable is that if any appliance is earthed directly to the battery, it will not be included in the monitor's measurement. In other words, it will draw current but the monitor will not know it and the resultant readings will be inaccurate.

Hope this helps a little so far. I'll check back in a few days and see how you're getting on.

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