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I just remembered one of my worst all time dumb moves. the excuse I guess was we were only 20 years old and extremely drunk. Now you have to understand that in the Canadian Navy it is a bit of a tradition when tied up along side to steal the other boats flags. they of course get returned after a suitable ransom is paid, usually alcoholic. We were in San Diego and had met some guys at the NRTC Junior ranks mess. They were Submariniers so we wound up at this Subies bar on base with a bunch of Nuke boats tied up nearby. After a few too many beers and our new friends in the head we decide that it would be a great Idea to sneak on to one of these nuke subs that were tied up and get their flags. Its about 19:30 so all of them are still up but its winter and the light is a bit dim. We shinny on the Head rope being quiet as all hell, amazing we could do that as walking was abit of a challange at the time. Sneak aft and climb up the sail. We can see the quartemaster at the aft end of the sail and we manage to get the commisioning penant, admirals flag ( turns out the boat was the flag at the time) and grab a couple of signal flags that are in the conning tower. Back on deck still unnoticed and back across the head rope.

Back in the bar with our loot we meet up with our new buddies only to be told that the USN is a real navy and they dont take kindly to intruders on Nuc subs. They explain that sentries are armed and will friggen shoot. We decide that it may not be wise to return the flags and slink back to our DDE with our loot and a life lesson. I wound up with the commissioning pennant and I must say when my house burned down 5 years later post navy the one thing I regreted loosing most was that pennant.
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