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do you always wear life jacket/PFD

apologies if this has been posted previously, I could not find it.

how many people always wear their PFDs?

in my unscientific survey in the relatively cold waters up here, it is maybe 1 in 20. In two charters in the carribean i doubt if i observed 1 in 100.

we have a rule, underway and on deck means PFD goes on.

I don't know how many times i've read the same tragic news story about a recreational boater or fisherman/commercial boater going MOB with people around/in the boat and dying. the latest came from my former home town today:

Search expands for man who fell overboard in Halifax

also Bob Gainey's daughter, one of the more public and tragic incidents in the past few years:
Search ongoing for Bob Gainey's daughter lost at sea - The Globe and Mail

there were seemingly countless incidents over the last few summers, all very upsetting and most seemingly preventable.

RMS Titantic excepted (which was pre-SOLAS for lifeboat requirements anyway), maybe once or twice only, if that, have i ever heard of an accident so leisurely that people could say "my, my .. we seem to be in a spot of trouble, lets all have a cup of tea and put our lifejackets on ... yes, do lets ...". Yes, when there's a fire or water is being taken on the coast giuard tell sthe crew to put on their PFDs, but frankly in all of those cases i have heard of, the boat either has a tender or help is immediately on the way.

its well known by most here, i am sure, that most deaths happen in good weather, suddenly, near shore or off of a crewed boat (Canadian Coastguard reference available). in my hyperbolic opinion, especially given the low profile of the self inflating pfd's, if you're not going to wear the PFD, you seriously might as well leave it at home and give yourself some more storage area for beer.

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