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Working from my office...on a sailboat? Yeah!! (I want-to and need advice)...

Hi everyone! I've been reading as much as possible so I don't post a newbie question that everyone rolls there eyes at saying "why didn't he just read the THOUSAND posts about this before posting again?" - and I think I've got a some-what unique situation I'm hoping some of you can help out with:

I work from my place (yup - one of the few, the lucky - and the CHAINED TO MY #@$%#$% DESK EVERY MOMENT - WHO ALSO GETS TO WAKE UP WITH MY BOSS IN MY LIVING ROOM EVERY DAY!!!) (yeah folks - be careful what you wish for) ...

..anyway- here's the scphiel and quick run-down:

- been looking into the boat/live-aboard thing for a few years

-can pick anywhere I want to live - but...

- a couple of catches: it has to be Central or Eastern time zones (this is due to my work - hard to explain - but I need to be online earlier than the Mountain or Pacific time East coast is optimal... and what else are my choices but New Orleans or Corpus Christi for Central? If folks can think of some neat "semi-urban" Central time zone places then let me know!) ...

- I MUST have reliable internet connectivity - need to have something more than dial-up (I need broadband - but it doesn't have to be gigantic pipes - I mean - 1.5 g or even 700mbps is okay - and do people use Direct TV on their boats? Or is the rocking of the boat not feasible for it? Also - are most Marina's simply going to have WIFI so this shouldn't be an issue(?) - this one's critical - so please let me know.)

- need to be near a large enough metro area (even Charleston, SC would be cool if the following can apply...)

- I need to be able to walk from the Marina to all the things I need (such as a good supermarket, eats, and some form of rail transport to get to anywhere in the urban area (one can see why certain marinas around NY would be great - but I imagine $$$$ - but i hear there are some bargains to be found - I'm all ears to anyone who knows) ..and again - gotta' be rail or access to zipcars (and bottom line - an easy way to get to the airport so i can fly to the home office every so often - or where I need to fly to).

- I'm looking to buy an older (say 70's to early 80's -but maintained) starter type 25-30' sail like a Catalina (they seem really reasonable these days - I see 'em - especially at this time of year - for anywhere from $2000 to about $10K or so...which is around the amount I want to spend - which leads me into the next bullet):

-budget for boat - around $5K or $6K (would like to go around th $2-3K really)

- would like to find a neat place around New York (yeah - right - I know) that's cheap enough on slippage etc...

- would also like to know about South Beach and Miami, or West Coast of Florida like Tampa (heard it's a really cool atmosphere) (I'm hoping that South Beach Gal who posts a lot will chime in on this ... I'll send ya' some Chicago deep-dish as a favor! ;-)

Okay - sorry for all the bullets guys - I posted something similar to a different website forum and didn't specify enough - but reading up on all your experiences - I figured I should be very detailed.

Any and all info you guys can throw in - cool places, - cheap places - high-end (but expensive) or even better - High end (but inexpensive) would be GREAT to hear about!

Note: Folks - don't take this one last thing wrong - but, I understand there are lots of opinions on what one should and shouldn't do ...but it seems like that can lead to fights I'd love to hear your knowledge about all of this - but don't get into name calling - I'm just askin' for some good old fashioned advice from your experience ...if someone begs to differ - hey COOL ... I'll "triangulate" and figure out what works best for me ...and if I end up in "Davy Jones Locker" then so be it - (it's better than dying of cardiac arrest at my desk on land)... bottom line I'd like to hear as much as possible

So thanks to one and all in advance!

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