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Mike - thanks for all the GREAT info! This is like, 90% of what i needed to know - the entire feasibility of literally getting work done when it MUST be done, connectivity, etc. Yup - agree Efax is great (generally I figured i could get one form of fax online or another - but hinged on how good my net connection was).

Re: location: true about the cold ...but I live in Chicago so I'm fairly used to that stuff! lol ...but yeah - I get what you mean: here's my issue with researching a lot of the southern, more "spread out" cities/locations: You still seem to need a car. What I like about the northeast is, you can get to most place by walking or by some form of rail (be it a light rail, a commuter rail - or connection via one of these to a subway).... 'see, if I were to take on a boat payment (or just dealing with all the fees and such) I don't want to deal with a car payment also. (and insurance and taxes and tags and yadda', yadda' yadda)'s not that I couldn't afford it - I probably could - but it's the idea of leading a simple, control-able lifestyle with your main (and really, only) possession being your boat.

Re: Budget too low: Hmmm... this is definitely not good - I just don't like the idea of (again) payments... I really woudln't mind getting a 30+ to 40-something' boat - but I'm still brand new to this - and I've heard, time-and-again that one should by a good smaller boat to get the hang of it -so I'm thinking the smallest that I could by to live-aboard - and then maybe saving up for something a year or so down the road. Also - looking on Craigslist - I've seen a ton of older Catalina's in the range I was thinking of (usually 1970's) ...but with lots of updates. 'Course, it could all be b.s. - but I figure a survey should take care of most of my questions.

Either way - thanks again for all the great info!

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