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Originally Posted by mountforever View Post
So yesterday while sailing in less than 20 knot winds the port shrouds snapped and instantly down ocmes the mast over the starboard side. Luckily no one was hurt and we got into calm waters with the help of a tow.

Now I need a little help. It looks as if there was some serious cavitation going on and that this would have happened eventually anyways. It ripped out the bolts and the damage is only at the bottom 2 inches of the mast. A few people at my marina told me that if I get this to a boat yard they should be able to cut the damaged bottom part off and re-drill out the bolts after we replace the step base. I am going to have them re-do the shrouds anyways so they will just need to be a bit shorter. There's also the issue of the slot being bent out a little. Is this something I put a collar over?

If anyone sees this from the bay area I was thinking of taking this either to Svendsens or SF Boat works. I figured they're probably going to have to haul this out so I might as well paint the bottom while its out right . Alright guys let me know what you think.


Your kidding me right?
Six days ago you started a thread entitled

How do I tighten a CDN Roller Furling Jib

HEre are some images of the roller furling I have that came with my boat. I can't figure out how to tighten this. Do I need to take the drum off or something? OR do I need to go up in the bosuns chair and do it from the top? There is a lot of play in the shrouds (even if there is a shroud under there...I don't know). I keep tightening my backstay but I can see now that my mast at the top is leaning backward....yikes. Help!

I responded to your post with this...

"You have what appears to be an older CDI furler. There is a headstay and likely a turnbuckle inside. You do have to disassemble the drum to access it.
In the photos, it looks as though there is no tension on the stay at all. It sounds like your headstay has broken inside the furler.
I would recommend that you lead some halyards forward to hold the mast up and call a professional rigger. Immediately."

So you go sailing????
What part of Immediately didn't you understand???


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