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What I have learned about the living part of living aboard:
*My wife has too many clothes and it will stay that way. I have less clothes, and am OK with that.
*Insulation is a pain in the neck.
*One pot meals can be tasty.
*It is easy (and cleaner) to have a vegan diet on a boat.
*Composting toilets are cool in a urine/feces separating way.
*Dr. Bronners cleans everything and smells nice.
*Vinegar and baking soda work too, but smells funny.
*Hydrogen Peroxide is better than bleach for shocking the fresh water tank.
*Baking rocks in the winter.
*Over the rail boom tent rocks in the winter, especially when baking.
*We wanna fireplace!
*Screens are easy and cheap to make for any opening.
*Mosquitos suck. Literally.
*It is hard to teach ants neat tricks. The best I have done is the "run away from my finger" trick.
*We are happier without the hot water heater and pressure water.
*A modified garden sprayer makes for one helluva nice pressure shower. It's easy to clean those hard to reach places! whee.
*My wife has a lot of hair. And we aren't sure how it gets in the vast amount of places that it does.
*Sharp cooking knives can be both good and bad. Good for carrots. Bad for toes.
*While bald is beautiful it requires a multitude of hats.
*Some old timers really know what they are talking about. Others, not so much.
*It is hard to live on a boat and restore it at the same time, especially when trying to pursue and acting/playwriting/music career.
*Casting Directors find it interesting when one lives on a boat.
*Marina friends are the best friends you can have.

I could go on. But, I am still learning. Just do it. If you hate it stop. If you like it, keep doing it.
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