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Originally Posted by AndrewMac View Post
Thanks for all the responses. Very helpful. Bubb2, while i know you were being a little tongue in cheek with your initial response, it was actually quite helpful. I find that I frequently get impatient in lighter air and do not let each adjustment take hold as you suggest. And JeffH's comment about the high drag a large genoa creates in the slot is not something I had previously been attuned to - always assumed that, in fact, bigger was better in those conditions. Jeff/Bubb2, I'm assuming that you mean winds that are 5 and below? I guess I'm asking at what point do you think the incremental lift of the genoa becomes accretive (ie greater than the incremental drag)? I'm sure there is no hard and fast answer, but wondering if there are metrics you would use as a general guide...thanks!

IN 5 or less a large genoa will curl. Looking more like a spinnaker than a head sail. You are trying to get as much airflow across the back side of the main as you can with the headsail. A headsail with curled leach, that is not going to happen. If you use a smaller head sail not as much curl will occur and thereby the slot opens up.

I not going to get into boat numbers because a well sailed slow boat will beat a poorly sailed fast boat every day.
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