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Off road diesel is tinted with a dye to identify improper use in a road vehicle. Road vehicle distribution is tint less, off road is a pink die, In Canada off road/farm gas was dyed purple and would leave/ transfer to the gas tank walls. We used it in the lawn mowers, tractors etc..
There are grade 1 and grade 2 diesel fuels, #2 being the summer grade but is subject to gelling at cold temps, #1 is added to control the gel point. There is more energy in #2 being a heavier distillate. Cetane # for #1 is around 44 and #2 is around 40.
#2 and heating oil are both mid grade distillates of similar weight, heating oil does not have the additive packages that diesel does. Heating oil would have higher wear to the injector pump/ due to less lubricity.
If you are not sure of your supply use a Baja filter to help protect you from crud and water...
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