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Anyone done this trip

"Adequate" may be sufficient but many boats smaller have done it handily and many larger have been lost at sea. It''s not always about the boat but it can be.

There is the sailor and mother nature to contend with. Both of these seem to me to have the greater propensity for disaster. Peope can be stupid and mother nature unpredictable. Those are the really difficult variables.

Doing the wrong thing on purpose will generally help get you killed though doing a few things wrong in a row is usally required. Luck does count if it''s good luck or if it''s bad luck. You can be lucky even if you are stupid. You don''t usually get lucky enough to bet your life.

Since we can''t know for certain what the weather will be that leaves one question - you? Experience is a good indicator of success. What sailing have you done to prepare?

Not having seen or been provided a description of the condition of your rigging I would venture it''s not adequate, since you seem unsure or at least questioning the issue I am skeptical. You should remove all doubt. It''s worth having a professional survey of the boat to see if it has any fatal flaws due to age or neglect. Some 26 ft boats are in worse shape than they look. It''s the general nature of boats to get old and in bad conndition. They seem to do it faster than we all like.

I doubt the outboard motor would be of much use except for getting in and out of the marina so I would stow that below after removing the fuel (it could explode). You won''t need it to cross the ocean.

When preparing consider:

What is the worst that could happen?

Make a long list.
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