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Thank you for reply. I have taken approximately 175-200 amps off the battery over the course of a day by running lights, refrigerator,and small inverter running a fan. Without letting the batteries rest they measured 12.13 volts when I took loads off. Flipped the switch to energize charger and amp gauge on panel showed 30 amp charge, a couple hours later, 15-20 amp charge and when I came back next day 1 amp charge.

The three lights showing bulk, absorption, float all stay on all the time. As far as I can tell I do not have temp compensation sensor hooked up to batteries. These are the second pair of batteries the boat has had, they are 3 years DEKA batteries. Batteries, and all terminals are very clean, no corrosion. The local Mastervolt dealer came and took a look and said basically that by the time you take it out send it to Europe, pay them a few hundred to look at it and maybe fix it you could buy a new unit from someone more reasonably priced. He recommended a Xantrex but did mention the service from them left a lot to be desired, if ever needed.

Luckily I am getting the batteries charged up (I think) they show 13 and change volts when on float and after a few hours rest with charger off 12.6 or a bit more. I suspect at one time the previous owner may have had the optional monitor as there is a hole in woodwork about the size of a monitor with a plastic cover in it now. Maybe it went of the fritz and was removed and charger is not behaving because of this, just a guess. I am tempted to have the local outfit give it another look, to verify the temp sensor situation and see if I can continue on using the Mastervolt. It sure would be nice if Mastervolt gave a rip about their smaller chargers but that is not the case, compounded by the European service only and the value of dollar to Euro.

I am concerned that when drained to approximately 50-60% charge that batteries are only getting hit with 13+ volts not the 14.4 you would expect when in bulk or absorption.

Thank you for your reply and input
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