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Does anyone recognise this weird keel?

What a mess! I looks like someone decided to throw a whole bunch of design cliche''s all at once on to some poor unsuspecting hull!

When taken by themselves, each has merit, when incorporated into an overall deign.

The Tandem offers great tracking ability but is not usually associated with shallow draft. They are usually narrow chord/high aspect fins. The close proximity of these two, coupled with their thickness, would create a turbulence in the apeture between them that would most probably reduce the effectiveness of the trailing foil.

Wings were originally intended to give the keel an "End Plate" to help stop the downward flow off the keel. By sealing off the end of the keel with wings, a more efficient keel form could be devised, increasing all around performance compared to a traditional fin. As discovered by the American Cup team in ''83, you could not just bolt on a set of wings to reap the end plate benefit. It only worked when designed in as a system. The ones on this boat look like they are used to add a mass of lead low, to make up for the reduction in draft after loping of a few feet of keel lead.

The way it is joined to the hull shows that this was once a deep fin boat that someone wanted to go shoal draft with, while maintaining the same keel mass. Also hoping to make up for lost performance, the design cliche''s were thrown at it in what appears to be a drunken sailors nightmare.

I would imagine that this boat makes tremendous leeway, and tracks like a mouse in a maze. Probably why it is on the hard, but not being a naval archetect, it''s just my opinion.
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