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Originally Posted by krozet View Post
poopdeckpappy - No sense arguing, Ecology is the newest religion. It has it's zealots, it's belief system, it's branches and most scary it's currently trendy...
I would smile at that response if it weren't so scary.
-Yep, them poor tobacco companies, always getting bashed as if cigarettes causes cancer.
-Boy oh boy, those folks over at Love Canal sure are faking it.
-My gosh, what's the problem? The dioxins are in the power transformers, not in the ground.
-So what's wrong with a little DDT? It sure makes them apples look great!
-We can responsibly drill for oil off the coast of Santa Barbara. After all, who cares more for the environment than the oil companies?

Those crazy tree-hugging environmentalists. Always making up stories.

As the worlds fisheries become more depleted, and the areas of dead ocean get a bit larger, maybe it's time we start paying attention to the ecology of the planet.

But maybe I only feel this way because of my selfishness.... I've got kids.

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