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Originally Posted by ericread View Post
I would smile at that response if it weren't so scary.
-Yep, them poor tobacco companies, always getting bashed as if cigarettes causes cancer.
-Boy oh boy, those folks over at Love Canal sure are faking it.
-My gosh, what's the problem? The dioxins are in the power transformers, not in the ground.
-So what's wrong with a little DDT? It sure makes them apples look great!
-We can responsibly drill for oil off the coast of Santa Barbara. After all, who cares more for the environment than the oil companies?

Those crazy tree-hugging environmentalists. Always making up stories.

As the worlds fisheries become more depleted, and the areas of dead ocean get a bit larger, maybe it's time we start paying attention to the ecology of the planet.

But maybe I only feel this way because of my selfishness.... I've got kids.

Um.... You're mixing up science and religion. No one disputes Cancer / DDT / Dioxins.

Science is seeking a balance between life and nature, understanding that there are things that work and that there are things that need to change. Using science is the reason that we know cigarettes cause cancer, that DDT was more dangerous than first thought...

Religion makes people run out and buy compact florescent light bulbs thinking they are better for the environment despite the fact they contain Mercury.
Religion makes people think that buying a Pirus is an environmental choice, not a marketing ploy. People don't wonder where all the toxic chemicals from the batteries go...
Religion makes people want to do something, anything... Fighting for the loss of forests is a great cause............ IN BRAZIL! In North American, forests have been GROWING over the last century due to responsible forest management. Yes the rain forests are shrinking at an alarming rate but chaining one's self to a logging truck in Washington state will do nothing for that.

I do not question the need to challenge tobacco companies, oil companies or any other person threatening the planet we all live on or other people. I absolutely agree that there needs to be a shift in thinking and action to clean up the issues we have caused.

What I do not agree with is blindly following what one person say is right without question, that is not only dangerous but stupid. Check you're facts, followup and always keep an open mind. If something doesn't make sense then question it.

What absolutely rubs me the wrong way is an argument that has to be embellished, bent or spun to get an emotional reaction from the masses. Far too often if someone doesn't have the proof and the facts to support their argument then they appeal to the emotional side of humanity.


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