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Originally Posted by GreatWhite View Post
You got to be kidding right? If you are trying to be sarcastic you can put a /sarcasm after
a joke or sarcastic remark...if you are not joking then I pity your ignorance (on second thought maybe ignorance is bliss for you...not the rest of us though.)
nope no sarcasm at all. sure we use a lot of plastic, probably too much. do we throw it away stupidly, probably.

we also do stupid things with our normal trash, we stick it in land fills. but oh no we cant have it stink so we seal it up, so now it cant rot.

sure there is plastic in the ocean, sure some floats, some sinks. do we really think that the ocean grinds it up, then keeps it all suspended in a big mass.

i wish i could find it, i read an article about the grye. the article was about some one who put in gps monitored floats to track the currents at the grye. about half stayed there the other half went other places. given that all along the person who did this with the purpose of showing that the gyre exists but he proved to himself other wise. the author said if his trend is normal, then the trash would dissipate not build.

and just because noaa says it exists, does not mean it does, just look at what they say about rouge waves. they thought every few years, but its much more often than they thought ten years ago

the proof is in the pudding, show me picks, show me a net that was dragged filled with debris show me something more than speculation and papers from people with agendas
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