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The blurb in the referenced link is a lot of gobbledegook, IMHO.

First, the IQ-4 option, either external or internal, will allow a fast and full charge of your batteries. Iota chargers tend to put out more amperage for longer periods than most "smart" chargers.

Second, the "equalization" mentioned isn't a true equalization. 14.4VDC isn't need at least 15.5-16.0VDC for a 12V battery for the equalization cycle.

I do agree with the statement that these chargers should be mounted outside of engine spaces. But then I believe that ALL chargers should be outside of engine spaces, and batteries and external regulators as well. Get's much too hot in there for reliable, long-term performance from electronic equipment.

In my experience (I have one external IQ-4 and one internal IQ-4 Iota charger) over the past several years, these chargers maintain my T-105 Trojan batteries better than other chargers I've tried, including high-end ones like the Victron Multi-Plus.

The Iotas with the IQ-4 option have an automatic weekly "equalization" cycle, raising the voltage for a period of time if it hasn't been high for a week or more. Again, not a real equalization cycle, but probably helpful.

Further, both of my Iotas have a float voltage of 13.6-13.7VDC. Right where I want it, since IMHO 13.2VDC is too low.


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