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Originally Posted by dch View Post
I really do not know much about the electrical aspects of my boat. My issue is that when I unplug from the dock, the outlets no longer work. Everything else electrically works. I don't really need the outlets very often away from the dock, but when I want to use them, it would be nice if they worked. I know it is something simple that is not connected but I just cannot find it. Any help would be appreciated.

Step one....check calendar....nope it' not April 1st.

Once there was a time when such a post would have resulted in the poster being torn limb from limb and their lifeless bloody pulped remains hung from a yard arm as a warning to others.

Perhaps it is a good thing that we live in a kinder, more gentle age but I must admit that sometimes I have my doubts. (edited that it makes sense)

That said, and working on the premise that the OP is not simply a brain dead moron might I ask how long the problem has been going on ?

If the answer to the above is 'ever since I bought the boat' then you'll find me in the bar getting very drunk indeed while mutterin' unprintable thoughts about my fellow man and whether or not coming down from the trees in the first place was really such a good idea. (refer Douglas Adams, THGTTG.)

If , on the other hand , this is a recent problem then either your inverter has gone to god or you need to switch it on.

ps - Xort's advice is the book.
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