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After reading the ridiculous bickering from an open ended question I am reminded of why humans take up sailing... To shatter with distance, and time, their proximity to the disappointing nature of people.

My neighbor a woody, and a very pleasant and successful legislator has kept his Tumlaren at Fortman's for years... There or Almar.

The hierarchy chisels eternal truth:

At the very bottom are power boater infants, frequently in need of diaper and tax changes.

Just above them in pure arrogant, ignorance, and stammering in swells are the grossly obese catamaran’s, tri’s etc.

Shitting just above them a poor lhasa apso breed, the definition of obnoxious... the loud fiberglass mono huller. Rootless cockiness, usually identified with all new and over stocked safety equipment. Found dramatically wanting in actual ability. Always ready to yip or yelp about nothing (a serious broken sphincter tendency), as though it provided sustenance, must fill what ever time they have in passing with their over juiced loud horn.

And sitting firmly above them a good grade of kind and pragmatic sailor; the mono huller who has his/her **** together. So much so that they are always calm inside. No matter how raging the sea or what the emergency. Is always capable of handling the situation as if in slow motion... Speaking to them except in cordial passing is impractical and rude.

Chaired above all is the Woody with a vessel in good standing. As refitting is as vital a part of the journey as sailing... These sailors transcend the highest religious experience; cutting across the water at deep harmonious acoustics and feel. Reflection of the melting work of the sharpened hand tool. Reinforcing the adventurous epic charted for centuries. No words are ever needed, and to speak to them without prior address and prompt is one of the greatest offenses mankind faces in this modern age. They ride the sea as a filled sail. Uniformly calm in taught appearance, but in exercise full with tremendous energy. Taking advantage and stretching every line, every seam, and everything violent below it, in a natural broad reach.

...Me, I ride a 73 Islander, could never leave her and her response, rescued countless amateur boaters on the bay, which you are required by RIGHTS of being on the water TO DO. And would prefer it if you stayed the **** out of the way.

Please remember, you're not near as dangerous to others and yourself (nor hesitant for that matter) if you keep to the scope of your stupidity, your stupidity, your very own and closer then your cell phone stupidity. Keep it simple stupid and please review Navigation Rules right now, just a review, right now. You will re-learn or learn guaranteed. I do.

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