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How do you clean the bottom?

I use a window scraper like the ones used to remove ice good grip and does very little to the bottom. Good gloves leather or lobster tough type gloves are a must. The cuts you get from doing bottoms cause what is known as a "secondary marine infection" very bad and leaves a scar permenent and some never heal. Also mix one third alcohol and two thirds Peroxide in a bottle and put it in your ears after you finish it helps wash out any algie or shell fragments that might get in your ears and also kills bacteria that can grow on the bottom like around the head discharge through hull.Scotch pad for the prop after you scrape it the green ones are what we used to polish supertanker props 33+ feet in diamiter, only they were on a hydraulic unit and round. The ablative paint does not need much scrubbing a towell will do the job. If you have ablative paint it is self polishing and sluffs off as it ages to shed groth. So you don''t want to remove very much of it or it will reduce the life of the paint allot. A line pulled fore and aft next to the keel will help when you find that like an astronaut you push and away from the work you go. We used two large magnets when working on ships but then they ain''t fiberglass.Big ships are coated with several layers of epoxie so I put it on my sail boat made for small boats it was by a big name who has said they will make it up to me and buy my paint the next haul out because it did not work.It was a slime fighter shell formula and all failed here in south Florida. The bottom of the boat looked like a coral reef in three months and after cleaning it three times it is like the great barrier reef now and was cleaned smooth three months ago. The barnicals love this stuff and grow real fast in the hot water.The ablative paints are holding up better but still have some shells.
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