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Originally Posted by wind_magic View Post
Hello Greg,

Sailing issues aside, the living life on board part you can do right now. Go unplug your refrigerator to start with, turn your heat off, turn the main breaker off on your fuse box, and turn the main water valve off so you don't have any more water. Now move everything you own into one room and you are making a good start.

Now learn to live like that. Probably you are going to want to stay clean, so you have figure out a way to do that using containers full of water and no bathtub or shower. You're probably going to want to stay warm, so now without electricity you get to figure out how to do that. You will no doubt have electronics you want to use, so it is time to figure out how to generate your own electricity with solar panels or some other way. And you have probably gotten into the habit of eating periodically, so without electricity or refrigeration it is time to learn how to cook yourself enough food to keep your energy and spirits up. Edit - don't forget to unplug your cable while you're at it, no more cable television, and the high speed internet is gone too, you'll have to start using your neighbors wifi. Don't forget to unplug the telephone! Might be time to take up bike riding so you can get to the laundromat, don't forget the bike trailer so you can pull those heavy water containers along behind you.

Enjoy ...

Edit - P.S. it is actually a lot of fun to live like that once you get used to it.
That is absolutely classic!! THANKS!!
I was in the same place it sounds like you are about 5 or 6 years ago. Not sure I would recomend my approach, but my partner and I just started researching everything on the net, took a couple classes, bought a boat that seemed to have our name on it, and hope to start our circumnavigation next fall. We followed advice that resonated, ignored what didn't, made a few mistakes, all in all: having a great time! For us, it has been the experience of actually 'doing it' that is the best teacher. The ASA class we took was fun, but I probably learn ten times as much when actually out on the water in our boat. Everyone learns diferently, for us it seems best to jump in & figure it out as we go. FWIW
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