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What I learned about people today

So my friend just bought the Morgan today. He would not hire a surveyor so I did my best. We spend about 4 hours aboard the boat with the owner. So it was me, friend and friends girl friend.

This is a 32' 1979 Morgan. The PO has had the boat 10 years. He has done massive abouts of work on the boat.
Replace cutlass and stuffing
All new wiring, duo charger etc.
Almost all new plumbing
Running rigging
Engine pumps etc
He even aligns the engine now and then.
Plus he has a 3 volume maintenance log with details.
In short he is an engineer.
The bilge is completely dry.

So I asked him what his winch maintenance schedule is, and he said he never did them. The are a little nasty looking and are kind of stiff but not making really bad noises yet.

I ask him about the engine zinc's. He shows me a new one and shows me where they are on the engine. I ask him when they were last changed. He said he couldn't remember probably years.

Lesson learned.
When folks say. If "X" was maintained properly "Y" was probably taken care of too.
They are flat out wrong.
You would think that a boat that shows as obviously well maintained would not have a couple of major service items ignored.
I know lots of guys ignore the winches but the engine zincs on a raw water cooled engine when the part you are protecting, the exhaust manifold, can not be purchased any more. Sheesh.

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