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Wayne and Brian,
Thank you for your responses. The photograph was a help. Yes, it is for my Islander 28. I am planning to sail it more offshore and want a comfortable and safe sail configuration for higher winds. It is my intention to use it only as a storm sail set up and do not intend to set two head sails at the same time. I am hoping that for my "normal" coastal sailing here I will be able to stow both the inner headstay and the runners out of the way. If I am heading across the mouth of the Bay of Fundy it would be nice to have a storm sail option that was balanced and powerful enough to make progress under adverse conditions. Here is what I am considering. I will mount a chainplate for the inner headstay just aft of the anchor locker. That will give me a thwart under the deck to attach it to. That point is 50 inches aft of the head stay's chainplate. The J measurement of this boat is 11.8 ft. If I want to run an inner headstay parallel to the headstay starting at this point it will attach 24.5 feet up the mast. That would be the location of the tangs. If I use a minimum angle of 12 degrees from the transverse plane of the mast I will be adding the chainplates for the runners about 5 feet aft of the chainplate for the upper shroud. I understand that 12 degrees is a minimum and I do have a good option for a point of attachment that is 6 feet back. I am hoping that the inner head stay can "live" along the rail near the forward lower when the weather does not require a storm set up and that the runners, too can be "stored" conveniently. Using a high strength synthetic line for the runners seems like it will lend itself to that.

What do you think?


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